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Due to the apparent ever-changing nature of the event planning industry, hosts now have more tools than ever to preserve their guests' precious memories of the occasion. In Cork, you can rent a 360-degree photo booth, one of the most innovative new services available. This state-of-the-art service blends the fun of classic photo booths with cutting-edge technology to provide customers the opportunity to capture unforgettable, completely immersive images they will cherish forever.

A 360 photo booth is a revolutionary concept in photography and event planning in Cork City. A 360 photo booth is a type of photo booth that uses cutting-edge technology to capture panoramic, 360-degree photos of people. It typically consists of a camera and a turntable or rotating platform on which guests can stand while the camera captures a full 360-degree view of them and their surroundings. The resulting photos are typically high-resolution and can be shared digitally or printed on-site. They are often used at weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and dinner dances to entertain guests with a unique and memorable keepsake.

At its core, a 360 photo booth comprises a specialized camera and lighting system that can capture a full 360-degree view of the scene. A 360 photo booth is an excellent investment for any event, providing guests with a unique and interactive experience, professional quality photos, and a lasting memory of the occasion. Take a look at why a 360 photo booth is ideal for any corporate event, dinner dance, birthday, or wedding in Cork City:

Elevated Guest Experience:

A 360 photo booth offers guests a unique and interactive experience, allowing them to capture stunning, panoramic shots of themselves and their friends and family. Guests can take home a one-of-a-kind keepsake from the event, making it a memorable and meaningful addition to any wedding, birthday, corporate event, or dinner dance.

Versatile Entertainment

A 360 photo booth can be customized to fit the theme and aesthetic of any event, making it a versatile form of entertainment that can appeal to guests of all ages and backgrounds. It can also be used as a fun icebreaker, helping guests to relax and mingle with one another in a fun and interactive way.

Professional Quality Photos

A 360 photo booth is operated by a professional photographer who will ensure that each photo is of the highest quality, with great lighting, composition, and resolution. This is particularly beneficial for corporate events, where high-quality images can be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

Flexible Service

A 360 photo booth can be set up in various locations, indoors and outdoors, making it a flexible option for any event. The service can also be customized to include additional features such as photo editing, printing, and digital sharing options.

Innovative Technology

A 360 photo booth utilizes cutting-edge technology to capture panoramic photos, providing guests a truly unique and innovative experience. The technology lets guests easily share their photos on social media, increasing the event's reach and visibility.


Investing in a 360 photo booth for an event can be a cost-effective way to provide entertainment and create lasting memories for guests. It eliminates hiring a separate photographer, and the cost of a 360 photo booth can be spread among the guests.

Fits Any Event

A 360 photo booth is an ideal addition to any event, whether it's a wedding, birthday, corporate event, or dinner dance. It is a great way to add a touch of fun and excitement to any occasion, allowing guests to take home a tangible reminder of the event.

DJ and 360 Photobooth Hire Package Cork

When planning a special event in Cork City, it is essential to consider all elements that will make it truly memorable. One of the most important considerations is the entertainment, which can set the tone for the entire evening and keep guests engaged and entertained throughout the event. One way to ensure that your event is a success is by booking a party DJ and a 360 photobooth, as these two services complement each other perfectly and can provide a wealth of benefits to your guests.

One of the most significant advantages of booking a party DJ and a 360 photo booth is the cost savings they offer. You can often secure a discounted rate by bundling these services together, as many companies offer package deals for event services. This can be especially beneficial for those planning a significant event, as the costs can quickly add up when booking multiple services separately.

Another advantage of booking a party DJ and a 360 photo booth is the level of engagement and interactivity they provide to guests. A wedding DJ can keep guests on the dance floor, while a 360 photobooth can provide a fun and unique way for guests to capture event memories. Combining these two services can keep guests entertained and engaged throughout the evening, which can help create a truly unforgettable event.

In addition to providing entertainment and engagement to guests, booking a party DJ and a 360 photo booth can also help create an ambiance that reflects the event's theme. A wedding DJ can play music consistent with the event's theme, while a 360 photo booth can be decorated with props and backgrounds that match the theme. This can create a cohesive atmosphere for the event and make it feel more polished and professional.