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Unfortunatley, We are not doing this package at the moment. We do have some other great entertainment packages. To check what we have available and to book, please send a message to our Facebook page or If you don't have Facebook send us a message on WhatsApp and it will automatically tell you what is available and the prices. Thanks

Spiderman hire Cork

Our spiderman will bring your party to life with some Awesome Acrobatics, Acting and an Authentic American Accent!

Our spiderman is an amateur Martial Artist, Gymnast and Professional Actor with almost 3 years’ experience making Cork Kids parties Legendary!!

Keep an eye out for our spiderman. You might just see him hanging around Cork...

Spiderman Costumee Cork


Often first seen striking a superhero pose on the garden wall, Our Spiderman arrives suited and booted, ready to meet and greet the party guests! He jumps down and crawls into the party, after this dramatic entrance and introductions are made, he’s ready to showcase his tricks!!

Package 1: The 1/2 hour Meet & Greet

Our Spiderman's Acrobatic Performance involves spinning martial arts kicks, gymnastics and walking around on his hands! He brings his Water Web shooters or foam sword for the children to try get him with and a Polaroid Camera to capture the fun! Plenty of digital pictures too!

Package 2: The Hour Party

The first half hour is the the Meet & Greet but the Birthday Boy becomes Spidemans Side Kick with Costume, Mask and Web Shooters! The real fun begins with Spiderman themed games! Our spiderman senses are tested... and the kids test Spidermans senses with Dodgeball, sword fighting and plastic Web Bullet shooters! Our Spiderman can bring out the cake too!

Spiderman Meet and Greet Best Spiderman costume in Cork Our Spiderman is a Martial Artist, Gymnast and Professional Actor with almost 3 years experience

Sadly, all good things must come to an end... when Spiderman Senses tingle, he must go and deal with the crime... However, inviting him to the party will make the day Legendary and he’ll be talked about when he’s long gone!

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